A Little About Us

The Diiorio family

Heart & Oak is owned and operated in the Kansas City metro area by Anthony & Steve DiIorio, a father and son team that have decided to join forces to create a premiere floor refinishing and carpet cleaning company. Steve is a career professional in the field of floor refinishing and commercial cleaning. He owned his own commercial cleaning company for over 20 years, and has done everything from hotels to hospitals to homes. His expertise in these fields have landed him positions such as Director of Environmental Services for multiple large hospitals in the area and Sanitation Consultant with Ford and GM. Steve is focused on bringing his vast knowledge of proper cleaning practices and environmentally sound green products to the residential market.

Anthony spent the last 7 years working as a Project Manager for one of the top plumbing companies in Kansas City. Anthony dreamed up the concept of creating a company that could completely transform all of the floors in a home within hours. That has meant investing in the proper resources and advanced methods and equipment to be able to handle the task of refinishing hardwood floors without sanding,  deep cleaning carpets while cutting drying time by 92%, and having you back on your floors just hours after we leave. With Steve’s extensive knowledge in the commercial side of cleaning, and Anthony’s experience in residential and commercial project management, they are ready to transform your home within hours at an affordable cost.

Heart & Oak - BEHinD THE NAME

When we envisioned this business, we knew we wanted a name with meaning. Our business is focused on faith, family, and community. We wanted our name to reflect that. As a big Italian family, we know that the bulk of family gatherings are spent in the heart of the home; the kitchen and the living room. So, when you are sitting with your family, you can enjoy the peace of knowing your floors are clean, and protected. Our services also increase the longevity of your floors, and that's where Oak comes in. Oak is the most stable and durable of all the hardwood floor choices, and that too reflects our family values. But, the deeper meaning behind the name is that the Lord is the heart of everything we do, and we built this company on the stable foundation of His truth. Ezekiel 36:26  "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."