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Matted Carpet? Pet Stains? Obnoxious Odors? No problem! Our green carpet cleaning process can take care of all of that, and you'll be able to walk on your carpet right after we done! No more wet socks! Here at Heart & Oak, we take pride in knowing that we use the most advanced equipment and green products that exist on the cleaning market today. Our process will leave your carpets 2 1/2 times cleaner than your standard extraction, while reducing drying time by 92%. By the time we leave, your carpets will be clean, dry, and detail vacuumed! We take pride in taking a matted, dirty, smelly carpet, and turning it into a beautiful, plush, clean carpet all while using green seal certified products to protect your home and family. 

We use a low-moisture encapsulation process. We lightly spray our green seal certified product onto your carpets and it crystallizes and brings all of the impurities in the carpet to the top. We then run our high speed, dual brush system used to pull all of those impurities out of the carpet. Once it dries, we vacuum one more time, leaving your carpets soft, clean, and smelling fresh. Our products are all natural green products, so your pets & children are in good hands!


Usually when you think of carpet cleaning, you think of the traditional steam clean or shampoo. At Heart & Oak, we believe the best way to clean your carpet is to take the impurities out of your carpet, not add to them. With a traditional steam clean, pressurized water is forced down into the carpet pad, which can also force down the dirt and grime that is already in your carpet. This dirt buildup then turns into mud because of all the hot water used and can leave your carpet with a wet smell, resembling your pet or mildew. Since the water is forced down into the carpet pad and then extracted, not all the water is removed and the old spots have to reappear somewhere...on your carpet again! That's why Heart & Oak's low moisture carpet cleaning is the most effective for your home or business. Our dual brush system will agitate all of the impurities and pull them out all the way down from the carpet pad, leaving your carpet fresh and clean from stains and allergens.

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