Carpet Cleaning Special! Only $199 for your entire home!!

Get ALL of your carpets deep cleaned for just $199!!! All carpet, including stairs, and hallways, basements, no surprises!. This includes all spot treatments, and odor removal enzymes. We aren't fans of how most carpet cleaning companies will run specials just to get in the door, and then start tacking on services to raise the price. This special includes all services that are needed, so there won't be any price changes! This is a full service deep cleaning, we will clean each area multiple times, in multiple directions. Then after the 30 minute dry time, we will detail vacuum, leaving your carpets clean, plush, and smelling fresh. 

Sandless Hardwood Refinishing Special!  Only $175 per room!!

Get your hardwoods refinished for just $175 per room! A room is considered a 200 sqft area or less. If your kitchen and dining room floors are hardwoods, thats typically considered a room and a half to do both. Depending on size. This process removes the top layer of your dull and worn hardwood floors, removing build up, and surface marks. Then we will apply two coats of professional grade polyurethane to bring back the vibrant shine shine and protection that will last for years! This process is recommended to be done every 3-5 years, to keep your floors sealed and protected. --We cannot do color changes with this process, and it will not remove the majority of deep scratches--

Concrete Sealing Special! Only $300 per room!

Get your garage, basement, work shop, office, transformed for only $300 a room! A room is considered 300 sqft and under. A typical one car garage is around 250-300 sqft, and is considered one room. We will deep scrub your concrete floor, and apply 2-3 coats of commercial grade, high traffic sealer. Not only will this make your floors beautiful, but it will also protect them, and make them easy to clean! --If there are sawcut lines that need to be caulked, there will be an extra fee for that--